M-tone Hypersonic Number 2

A cool handmade guitar with a unique finish. This Hypersonic has a velvety feel and is super comfortable to play. The high output Lollar DB humbuckers give this guitar a huge, deep punch, and as with all M-tones there is never any muddiness. All the notes come through in a big, articulate way. This guitar shines when played up on the highest frets. The high notes are full and powerful in all pickup positions. Go down low and it sounds like a thunderstorm. There are lots of subtle details in the hand-patinaed metal parts, and the body finish is mesmerizing. The birdseye maple neck is super stable and is gorgeous as it gets. This is a fun guitar that will get a lot of looks. It packs a punch that can back up its pretty face.

  • Alder body with French Vanilla colored lacquer finish and black micro-bursts. The velvet finish feels so good

  • Lollar DB pickups

  • M-tone bridge that bolts through the body to a steel string retainer in the back (big sustain)

  • Aluminum pickguard with hammered copper dome in the “sound hole”

  • 7 lbs. 8 oz.

  • Hipshot locking tuners in chrome with champagne tinted tuner buttons

  • Birdseye maple neck with C shape carve and 12″ radius with velvet lacquer finish

  • .824 first fret, .894 12th fret

  • Macassar ebony fretboard with custom quasar aluminum fret markers

  • Recessed steel and aluminum control plate with custom “loud sound” volume indicator

  • Mono Vertigo case

  • $4400 with free shipping within the continental USA