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Sunset Burst Thinline Counterpunch

New Counterpunch thinline headed to Rebel Guitars. Bright and responsive with lots of jangle. The Lollar Pickups really shine in this guitar. The El Rayo in the neck has a super cool hollowed out woody tone, perfect for that Dap Kings sound. I like to play with a few pedals, but I keep turning them off because this guitar just sounds so good on its own.

M-tone thinline Counterpunch

Custom Thinline Counterpunch

A custom M-tone order can get you a pretty dreamy guitar. You’re looking at a custom thinline Counterpunch with an alder body with maple cap and Lollar Regal and El Rayo pickups. It rocks, it twangs, and it will even do mellow. The middle position is an incredible combination of sweet and twangy – never heard that tone in any guitar before.

Custom M-tone Thinline Counterpunch

Punchy Counterpunch

Sure, it looks good, but this Counterpunch is one mean and nasty rock & roll machine. Alder body, pau ferro neck and fingerboard + Lollar Imperials and a steel pickguard = big, aggressive sound.

(It also has silver sparkles.)
M-tone Counterpunch

M-tone Counterpunch Model New for 2013

M-tone Counterpunch


The Counterpunch is the latest addition to the M-tone line. This elegant, hand made single cut can be configured in a variety of ways to suit the needs of any player. It features your choice of any two Lollar pickups. The body is available as a slab or contoured in either alder or mahogany. The supple, hand carved neck comes in pau ferro, goncalo alves or maple and can be carved to your exact specifications. The pickguard is available in M-tone’s traditional 16 gauge steel or in our new wood option (many varieties available).

Of course, like all M-tones, every Counterpunch is hand made one at a time by Matt Proctor in Portland, Oregon. The finish on each guitar is one of a kind and totally individual to that guitar.

The Counterpunch is well balanced and super comfortable to play. The Counterpunch has long sustain and is very present and articulate with great note separation. Clean, it sparkles, and driven hard, it always kicks ass.

Rebel Guitars has a couple in stock, and you can always order a custom one from M-tone directly.