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Presenting the M-tone Blade Runner

The Blade Runner is the newest handmade guitar model from M-tone Guitars. Here’s a short video preview of the individual instruments that will be shown at the Vancouver International Guitar Festival in British Columbia 24-25 June 2017. Video soundtrack played on M-tones, of course.

Custom order – Dog Paw Counterpunch

Hot off the bench: a very fun Counterpunch with English Bulldog paw prints etched into its hand hammered aluminum top and steel pickguard. This one has a super thick Pau Ferro neck with Pau Ferro fingerboard and an M-tone bolt-through bridge. With its high wind Lollar Imperial bridge pickup and low wind Imperial neck pickup, this puppy absolutely howls.

Presenting the Codebreaker and Codebreaker Deluxe

M-tone’s newest Codebreaker and Codebreaker Deluxe models feature an alder body with an inlaid aluminum top, Lollar El Rayo pickups with brass sustain rings and a maple neck. Cast bronze “M” knobs and headstock badge are standard. The Deluxe model comes with steel accents containing hand-hammered aluminum inserts and a larger M-tone custom bolt-through bridge with integrated humbucker. These guitars are all about attack, clarity and sustain when you want it, and wailing AC/DC punch when you need it. Specifications are on the models page.

Brand new model: M-tone Codebreaker GS

New M-tone model: the Codebreaker GS! Maple cap on Honduran mahogany body with Pau Ferro neck. All the hardware is custom made for this model. That’s a Lollar Gold Foil in the neck and a Lollar Chicago Steel in the bridge. The Codebreaker GS was a very fun collaboration with my friend Gary Swank of Gary Swank Jewelers. This baby sounds like every good sound your ears have ever heard.

Paisley Dynamo with new M-tone hardware

Paisley Dynamo in the house. Check the new new M-tone hardware, including brass pickup surrounds, steel bridge and cast bronze knobs, part of an ongoing collaboration with my designer friend Gary Swank. I’m really happy with how it turned out. The guitar is Honduran mahogany, the neck is maple and rosewood. Those are Lollar Imperial pickups.

Circle Motif Counterpunch

Here’s a new custom order Counterpunch. This one has three Lollar Pickups: neck and bridge are Imperials and the center is an El Rayo. What an awesome combination. This guitar has a hand-hammered aluminum top with an etched circle motif, mahogany body, stained maple neck, ebony fretboard and lots of little custom details.

Dogscratch aluminum top Counterpunch

M-tone Counterpunch with one-piece alder body, Pau Ferro neck, Bocote fingerboard, aluminum top, steel pickguard and accents, Lollar Imperial pickups, Hipshot bridge and locking tuners. You’ve heard about “bell-like” tones – well, this one really has it. The top three strings ring out like a Mariachi band in a brick alley (but in a good way – you’ll like it). It’s in the for sale section – check it out.

Etched aluminum top Counterpunch

Here is a super cool new Counterpunch with a hand-formed aluminum top that has been acid etched with an abstract paisley pattern. The “paisleys” are just ever so slightly raised for an awesome feel. Mahogany body, stained maple neck , steel pickguard and Macassar ebony fingerboard with a brass and aluminum inlay on the 12th fret. A very slick doghair finish on the back completes the noir vibe of this guitar. All the hardware is hand patinaed, including the metal top hat volume control and mushroom dome tone control. This Counterpunch is equipped with Lollar Imperials and is a very punchy, bright guitar with amazing note separation when playing big chords. Articulate? Why, yes! Does it also rock? Yes, it does.