Working on a neck.

Working on a neck.

Handmade by Matt Proctor in Portland, Oregon – Handmade means no pre-programmed decisions. My hand and eye guide every tool movement. Even when using power tools, I am in real-time control, constantly reacting and making split-second decisions depending on the grain of the wood or the visual relationships between components. When I’m spraying finishes, I mix new colors by eye for every guitar, and slightly vary the hues between coats of lacquer. This means that no two of my guitars are alike or repeatable. Each guitar is loaded with individuality and has its own distinctive personality.

Inspiration – I remember when I was ten years old in Santa Fe, NM, looking in a pawn shop window at a beat up blue paisley Jaguar and getting a gnawing, excited feeling that never went away. Thinking about that guitar 35 years later still fires me up, and I try to build guitars that make me feel like that over and over again. My guitars play like a dream and feature top of the line electronics and hardware, but most importantly they are sexy and fun and can make you remember why guitars are important to begin with. The world always needs more cool guitars.

Real Materials, Real Tone – I use steel, aluminum or brass whenever possible because metal sounds, looks and feels better than plastic. Metal is loaded with personality. From rusty red to dark black to shiny silver, every surface is different and always evolving. The more you sweat and beat on a metal pickguard, the better it looks.

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